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Laser Hair Removal


Laser Hair Removal is one of the most popular treatments for both men and women, by using pulses of laser light we can damage the hair follicle for permanent hair reduction. Unlike other methods, such as waxing and shaving, our laser hair removal device can offer a pain-free solution with long-lasting results for ALL skin types.


Made in Britain by the UK’s No.1 IPL manufacturer and leading NHS supplier, the Lynton EXCELIGHT®, a certified medical device under the Medical Devices Directive, offers businesses the opportunity to introduce the UK’s most in-demand advanced aesthetic treatments with one compact and easy to use device.

Offering permanent hair reduction and a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments, the Lynton EXCELIGHT® IPL is widely regarded by many Dermatologists as the most clinically effective IPL in the marketplace.



Very Small Areas

Nose, Fingers, Toes, Glabella, Earlobes, Nipples

£25 Per Session

£190 For Course Of 8

Small Areas

Bikini Line, Chin, Forehead, Hands (inc. fingers), Upper Lip, Cheek Bones, Feet (inc.Toes), Jawline, Underarms, Neck, Sideburns

£40 Per Session

£280 For Course Of 8

Medium Areas

Brazilian, Buttocks, Abdomen, Hollywood, Lower Back, Upper Back, Half Arms, Shoulders, Chest, Lower Legs or Thighs

£80 Per Session

£610 For Course Of 8

Large Areas

Full Back, Full Arms, Full Legs, Abdomen And Chest.

£95 Per Session

£740 For Course Of 8

Full Body Course

Must be paid in full and booked as a course of 8

£3,200 For Course Of 8


Light is selectively absorbed by melanin, the pigment in the hair follicle. The light energy heats the pigment and effectively destroys the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding cells.

Intense Pulsed Light is applied to the skin in short pulses, targeting multiple follicles at once. The applicator is then relocated to an adjacent skin area and the procedure is repeated until the entire treatment area has been covered.

Most people are suitable for treatment. For IPL, best results are often achieved with clients who have fair skin and dark hair. Dark hair is more easily treated as it has a high concentration of melanin. Fair hair however, contains less melanin and is harder to treat. Grey/white hair has no melanin so is not suitable for treatment.
However, laser treatment can sometimes be used instead of IPL. We recommend a consultation with your clinician to ascertain if the treatment will be successful for you.

The sensation of treatment varies, but is often described as a quick snap, like an elastic band. Usually, no anesthesia is needed and most clients find the discomfort moderate and manageable. In comparison, laser treatment is typically more comfortable than IPL.

The hair follicles are damaged by heat but the hairs remain in the follicles. The dead hairs shed after 1 – 3 weeks as the epidermis renews. During this period the hairs will seem to ‘grow’ as they are pushed out by the new epidermis.

The skin may be red immediately after treatment and the hair follicles may be swollen and bumpy but this usually subsides within a few hours. Adverse reactions are rare but may include a small blister or temporary lightening or darkening of the skin.

Only hair that is actively growing is affected, therefore multiple treatments are needed. Treatment is conducted every 4 – 8 weeks, depending on the area treated, until a satisfactory result is seen. The required number of treatments varies, but typically 6 or more treatments are needed for optimum results.

Treatments can take as little as 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the treatment area.