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8 Point Lift Treatments


The 8 point lift using Dermal Fillers is a revolutionary new way to achieving a non-surgical facelift with minimal downtime. This procedure can  enhance and lift the face for a total rejuvenating effect. It is also known as the fluid face lift and the liquid lift. Developed by Dr Mauricio de Maio from Brazil.

The 8 Point Approach considers your total look and identifies natural volume loss over time in eight distinct facial areas.


The cost of the 8 point lift will vary depending on much product is required

Juvederm Volbella 1ml


Juvederm Volift 1ml


Juvederm Voluma 1ml



  1. Cheek structure Volume here gives structure and a youthful definition to the face. As we get older, this is where we start to lose this definition first.
  2. Tear troughs Hollow depressions in this area under the eyes, resulting from volume loss, can create a tired look even when you feel fine.
  3. Nasolabial folds These lines that run from the corner of our nose to the mouth deepen as we age and become more like folds.
  4.  Mouth frown The corners of the mouth begin to droop and turn downwards, as volume loss creates a sad look known as a mouth frown.
  5. Pre-jowl area As soft facial tissue is redistributed by gravity, jowls and depressions gradually appear in the lower face.
  6. Jawline The smooth line from the chin to the back of the jaw is altered by ageing as the loss of soft tissue reduces definition.
  7. Cheek Volume Volume loss in the mid-face over time can cause previously full, well defined cheeks to appear flat or hollow.  As all these areas influence your total look, they should be assessed and treated in a holistic way. Dermal fillers are an ideal way to restore your youthful volume and definition in these facial areas.

The 8 Point Lift using Dermal fillers can temporarily restore lost volume,it can give your cheeks a little more support or enhancement, restores facial volume, subtly reshapes the cheeks to make them high and firm, recreates more youthful facial proportions, smooths the jawline, replenishes moisture to the skin and gives a gentle lifting effect without surgery. The results can be seen for  12- 18 months  after treatment depending on product used, making this a cost effective procedure.


For our 8 point lift approach we use the Juvederm Vycross Technology Collection, this represents the latest innovation in hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. These products have the benefits of minimal swelling, optimal duration of 12-18 months, smoother, and minimal bruising.

Prior to treatment a topical anaesthetic cream is applied, consent form is completed and Photos are taken. Treatment can take 40-60 minutess and results can be seen immediately.


  • Frown lines between the brows
  • Horizontal  forehead lines
  • Crow’s feet around the eyes
  • Bunny lines on the nose
  • Lip area and corners of the mouth usually in conjunction with Dermal Fillers
The procedure only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. The area to be treated is marked out on your skin and, then using an extremely fine needle, the product is administered. Most people liken the sensation to having a hair plucked out. A full consultation and pre wrinkle treatment photographs are always taken.

It is common for the treated area to appear slightly red and swollen, discomfort, tenderness after treatment. Very occasionally there may be slight bruising but ice packs can help with this. This is the same as you would expect after any injection and is temporary and generally disappears few days to two weeks after.


After care is given after treatment informing you what to expect and not to do.  As a general rule, avoid applying make-up over the treated area. You should also avoid hot baths, showers, saunas and strenuous exercise, as well as alcohol, for four to six hours post treatment. If Cheeks are treating avoid sleeping on them for 48 hours after.


The results of the 8 Point Lift using dermal filler treatments are seen immediately, although it can take a day- two weeks for swelling to subside and the full results of your treatment to be seen are at its best 2 weeks post treatment.


Depending on the product used and each client and their individual metabolism. Generally, the results last for twelve- eighteen months on average.