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Body Sculpting & Fat Loss


Body contouring offers a non-surgical approach to effective body sculpting. This innovative technique targets stubborn pockets of fat, lifts and tightens skin, and reshapes your desired body area. It operates by utilising radiofrequency energy to heat the targeted region, stimulating collagen production for a tighter, more defined appearance.

A Body Sculpt session is a quick and painless 30-minute procedure performed in the clinic. You lie down, and the Body Sculpt device is strapped to your abdomen, buttocks, or any other target area. 

The power level will gradually be increased during each session. Starting with a high pulse rate can stress the body, and it takes time for your muscles to adjust to the rapid contractions.

The clinician will increase the intensity of the contractions according to your tolerance and comfort, building up to 20,000 contractions.

The treatment alternates between rapid, forceful vibrations and slower tapping. The slower pulses help break down lactic acid and flush out toxins caused by the intense muscle workout.

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Based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, a singles ession induces up to 20,000 powerful muscle contractions, helping to build muscle and burn fat.

You might be interested if you want to visibly reduce body fat on your arms, thighs, buttocks, or around the stomach area, or if you want to grow muscle mass while losing fat in these areas.

A consultation is not required, but we recommend that first-time clients interested in body treatments book a complimentary body consultation.

We currently offer  treatments for buttocks, calves, biceps, triceps, abdomen, and both the front and back of the thighs.

Each treatment session lasts up to 30 minutes per area. Once you start, your therapist will recommend the number of sessions needed to achieve your desired results.

Maintenance is crucial, a healthy diet and regular exercise after your treatment. By doing so, you can expect to maintain your results for six months to a year.